Student Life

At RBPS our students enjoy the advantages of a small, nurturing school community nestled in large, vibrant campuses. The School?s administration and faculty value student involvement, and students play an active role in shaping the School?s culture, policies, and future directions. Our students are invited to serve on Ravindra Bharathi Public School and planning committees, where they have the chance to be heard on issues related to student policies and procedures, curriculum.?

Other opportunities for students to enhance their academic experience at Ravindra Bharathi Public School include getting involved in student public activities and taking advantage of support from the management and student communities at the School and around campus.

Study Programme

The school aims at holistic education encompassing the development of all faculties of the students. The teaching technique implemented is student friendly and highly competitive in stress free environment.

Promotion Criteria

Half the performance of the student (50%) in annual exams along with 25% weightage of Unit Tests and 25% weightage of Quarterly & Half-yearly exams is taken as the criteria for promotion to next class.

Tests / Exams & Promotion

Since evaluation forms a part of curriculum, students are subjected to continuous assessment at different levels and at different periods of the academic year.