In the highly competitive ambience that is being faced by the students of today; counselling is an important aspect of the modern schooling process. Keeping in view of the career oriented and social and cultural adjustement problems being faced by students; the school regularly conducts counselling sessions for the students.

The counselling sessions are organised at multi - tier levels. The Director, Principal, Vice Principal, Discipline Incharge, Teachers and distinguished personalities from various walks of life do the same from time to time.

Counselling is designed to help students to work through their difficulty, to help them understand themselves better and find better ways of managing.Counselling appointments last for up to 50 minutes. Depending upon the time of (academic) year.

Some students will be advised that long term counselling is more suitable for their needs particularly where the problem has existed for a long time. Under these circumstances we are likely to encourage students to look at the longer term counselling provision