School Premises

We have provided a separate spacious and well ventilated A.C rooms campus for Jabilli Play School consisting of Nursery, L.K.G. & U.K.G. Classes. The campus is modern with well furnished rooms. The children are being supplied with aqua-guard water for drinking. Clean and healthy atmosphere is maintained throughout. Our school has a play ground accommodating all types of games and sports. We have another building in the same street to accommodate III to V class with all facilities. The availability of 101 Class rooms in the campus speaks volumes about the school.

Coming to the equipment, we have well-equipped digital class rooms, where every student has opportunity to use a computer individually in the presence of able faculty. Our school is the first one in Vijayawada with Internet and also S.M.S. facilities through which the parent gets ready information of his child at his home or office. We take up computer classes for L.K.G. to X as per the prescribed syllabus both theoretically and practically in the digital class room itself.

Seven theatres with teacher controlled interactive facility have been provided to teach Communication Skills, General Knowledge and IIT foundation subjects. We have provided computer systems to all the L.K.G. and U.K.G. classes to impart the best visual teaching. Our library is spacious consisting a number of books in all branches of study.

Above all, we have a complete Digital Theatre System with 5.1 channel sound and D.L.P. Projector with A.C. ambience. Security guards have been stationed round the clock in shift system. Bus facility is provided for all branches to all corners of the city.