Our faculty is proficient. We have dedicated teachers in all subjects and pupils enjoy their instruction with rapt attention. We have P.E.T's, Karate teacher, Skating instructor, Craft instructor, Dance teacher, Music teacher and Drawing teacher to cater the needs of children in all aspects. We leave no stone unturned to benefit our students as we have been imparting multi-faceted instruction.

Faculty are known for their passion for justice, fairness, and equal opportunity, yet they are also pragmatic. Practical knowledge, the chance to learn by experience, and the ability to speak, write, and negotiate are the facets of education emphasized across the entire RBPS faculty.

We aim to strike a balance between scholarship and application, between rigorous research and a realistic approach to problem-solving. They understand the nuance needed in advocacy work, and they appreciate the portfolio of skills which graduates must master to find the first job in the field. The real value of practical experience is in launching their careers with good start because of the chance to assess and test their real passions in the workplace.

Our enviable student to faculty ratio about 13/1 helps promote lasting relationships between students and the faculty.